Investment Styles

iStock_000003205786MediumACI offers our money manager, fund of fund, and institutional clients three primary investment styles.  Please click the product name to learn more about each product.

Income Equity: Portfolio growth via diversified, income focused strategies designed to outpace inflation while preserving opportunities for future capital growth.

Long/Short Volatility:  Portfolio growth via a focused strategy that is simultaneously invested in both sides of a market with planned exits and entries on each side within the broad range of a market.  ACI’s preferred markets for this product are selected commodities such as oil, currency pairings, & bull/bear ETF pairings in the more volatile equity sectors.

Value Equity:  This strategy focuses on identifying sectors or indices that are undervalued versus their historical norm.  Typically, ACI will not invest in the sector or index unless there is a 15% or more upside from the current price just to return to the average historical valuation.

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