Institutional Investor Services

ACI’s asset management is a professionally managed  investment vehicle for non-trading institutional clients or managers looking to diversify client assets with highly liquid, highly transparent, highly accessible investment instruments free of lockups or withdrawal penalties.

Why is ACI different from other firms in the space?

  • We believe that an investment portfolio should be run like a business; our focus in our Income and Long/Short investment styles focuses on creating cash-flow through small but meaningful profits generated on a consistent basis while managing risk, just as the management team for an operating business would do.  That doesn’t mean we are day traders; we are not.  However, we do believe that sell opportunities are the purpose of acquiring a position in a security, much as a car dealer views selling a car as the purpose behind purchasing it.
  • We use active management strategies that are partially or fully hedged much of the time.  We don’t pretend to be able to predict the next black swan event.
  • The majority of securities we invest in are inherently diversified, reducing business risk and volatility versus a typical portfolio built of discrete securities. Broad indices, ETF’s, UIT’s, ETN’s, and their options are our most frequent investment vehicles.  We don’t believe we can predict the emergence of the next disruptive technology or whether a CEO and his team are falsifying their accounting: as a result we shy from business risk.

ACI also provides limited custom investment management if your firm requires a hedging strategy for your main holdings or trading activities.  We have two fee structures available for qualified clients; performance only or management fee plus performance.  Both fee structures are negotiable depending on allocation size.  Under some circumstances, ACI may be willing to manage assets at your firm’s custodian rather than clearing through Interactive Brokers LLC. 

Please call us directly at 888.407.4472 if you would like a more in-depth discussion of our methodologies and how they might play a role in your fund or client portfolios.