Our fee structures are competitive, transparent and aligned with your interests.

Our fee structures are simple and straight forward: for our institutional money manager clients we offer two fee structures, and may be willing to blend the two if preferred.  

We strongly believe that we shouldn’t make money unless our client accounts do.  Therefore our preferred fee choice is straight performance where ACI is compensated with 20% of the profits from successful trades.  

We can also offer managers a flat fee of 2% with an account minimum of $250, 000.  This fee is negotiable based on allocation size and other additional factors.  

Many clients are surprised to discover that ACI investment management often costs less than what they are currently paying to mutual funds. 

When you do better, we do better, regardless of which fee model you choose.   When you make less, so do we. 

We do not earn commissions on trades, nor are we compensated by the custodian for trading.