Account Security

ACI utilizes the execution and clearing services of Interactive Brokers LLC for its customers’ trades.  Interactive Brokers LLC is the custodian of choice for ACI, which means that client accounts are held at IB rather than with ACI, limiting our access to clients’ accounts to investment management only.  For more information on Interactive Brokers LLC and the company’s strength and security, please visit

Why did ACI choose IB? Our relationship with IB allows some of the lowest transaction fees in the industry, reducing drag on performance while giving ACI top-level execution, smart routing and multi-market capability.  IB is SIPC and LLoyd’s of London insured.  CLICK HERE to learn more about why ACI chose Interactive Brokers LLC.   

ACI does not have a directed brokerage relationship, nor is ACI compensated for transactional volume, assuring ACI clients that every trade is made with their best interest as the driving force behind every transaction.

Interactive Brokers LLC is not affiliated with and does not endorse or recommend ACI. Interactive Brokers provides execution and clearing services to customers of ACI.  

ACI has a stringent privacy policy. ACI does not share or sell your non-public information with anyone. Nor does ACI provide such information to others except for discrete and proper business purposes in connection with the servicing and management of your account. If you would like to receive a copy of our full privacy policy, please

If you would like to talk to ACI about our investment styles or how to allocate client assets to our separate account management program, please call us at 888.407.4472 or email

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