Robust Alternatives to Static Buy and Hold Investing

ACI is an independent investment advisory which provides active traditional and alternative investment management to money managers, fund of funds, and institutions.
The highly correlated, low yield and uneven growth rates of today’s global markets have punished investors that relied on a static, traditional mix of stocks and bonds.  This style of investing offers minimal opportunity for reaching the returns most investors need, and often struggles to even keep up with inflation.
ACI’s core investment philosophy is centered on active management of both traditional and alternative portfolios with a particular focus on driving portfolio growth using diversified, income focused strategies designed to outpace inflation while preserving opportunities for future capital growth.
Why ACI?  Within our proprietary asset allocation, ACI has taken the concept of investing for income and applied it to a broadly diversified universe of securities, increasing potential yield across an investment portfolio while reducing risks versus a traditionally managed portfolio.  Essentially, we’ve blended the diversified portfolio management of firms like UBS, Edward Jones or Wells Fargo with the cash flow focused operating principles of a CEO, making us more Warren Buffett than Merrill Lynch
We call it “real return investing.”
Alternative Capital Investment’s (“ACI”) believes an investment portfolio should be run like an operating business with clear annual objectives for profit and equity growth, not just to cash in your stocks for an unknown return at some future date while your broker collects a management fee.
A well run business does three basic things; it grows cash flow, builds equity in the business, and grows net worth for the business owners.
While traditional investment portfolios are capable of building net worth (depending on if the market is up or down) they don’t build equity, or cash flow.  Portfolios focused on cash flow generally don’t build net worth.
ACI Income and Volatility strategies target hard cash, realized returns on a consistent basis to investor portfolios.
ACI uses strategies designed to turn your investment portfolio from a passive asset like a house into an actively managed business that can aggregate cash and simultaneously build equity and net worth.
Is ACI right for my clients?   ACI was created to offer professional investment & trade management to institutions and managers concerned with the lockups, limited transparency, withdrawal fees and strict redemption clauses of many alternative asset programs while providing highly liquid, diversified investments  to manage investment risk.
Our portfolio strategies offer unique and powerful investment opportunities to money managers and fund of funds. Two of our three investment styles are either fully or partially hedged at all times, reducing volatility and correlation while preserving the opportunity for asset growth.
Why should you invest your client’s assets with ACI?  ACI provides active, hedge fund type portfolio management without many of the risks inherent in hedge funds.  Unlike a hedge fund ACI has no lockups or withdrawal penalties, client accounts have complete transparency and 100% access, and ACI is a regulated and registered investment advisor.  Most importantly, ACI has no direct access to client funds; our primary custodian is Interactive Brokers LLC.  ACI is has no business affiliation with Interactive Brokers except custodial and clearing services for our clients.

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